Try Copper Therapy for the Relief of Your Pet's Joint Pain!

Copper eases pain of arthritis & rheumatism

A recent double blind study in Australia concluded that copper did in fact reduce joint pain and inflammation. The hypothesis is that copper is absorbed through the skin and is chelated to another compound that exerts anti-inflammatory actions. Even the Mayo Clinic has published studies that show that copper therapy has a similar, if not better benefit than medications.

TheraCollar Really Works!

We have 7 standard sizes: Small - 2 widths, Medium - 2 widths, Large - 2 widths, and Extra Large - 1 width. You can select Natural Color; or Black, Brown, or Red for a small upcharge. Custom sizes  and colors are available upon request, just contact us!

The right size for every animal

Medications and Veterinarians are expensive. Injections are painful for our pets and difficult for most of us to administer. TheraCollar is actually a "Green," homopathic approach to pet care. TheraCollar is your Pet’s second best friend!

Your pet’s 2nd best friend

We make every collar by hand. This is why we can make a custom size collar to fit ANY animal.

Not only are copper-dependent enzymes are necessary for the repair of tissues that have been damaged by the effects of arthritis. Copper deficiency may make a dog's fur gray prematurely because melanin is a copper-dependent pigment.

Just like people, all dogs need copper

Adult Dogs and Puppies Alike!

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