Copper stimulates collagen, which gives connective tissue
its strength and resistance!

About Us

Copper has been worn by Man since Ancient Egypt. People have long believed that copper has special qualities that improve or protect the health of the wearer.

Since humans have worn copper bracelets for years to relieve of our own painful joints, we began thinking that if it worked for us, why not our pets?

These beliefs are based on copper's physical composition and conducting properties.  We have had tremendous success with our collars and are thrilled that we can now offer our proven product to the public!

Let's face it times are tough if we really can offer our pets relief of their joint pains with the simple addition of the TheraCollar, it makes sense on many levels. Medications are expensive. Injections are painful for our pets and difficult for most of us to administer. TheraCollar is actually a "Green," homopathic approach to pet care. We use recycled materials in our packaging and run a "Green" facility.